At Interfuse Manufacturing, we have the ability to design, cut, and form metals to the unique specifications of our customers. We combine the latest equipment and technology with our CNC programming expertise to minimize post-cutting operations, resulting in lower product costs and decreased delivery time.

Our equipment will cut a variety of metals, including various grades and thicknesses of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. By using sophisticated nesting software, we maximize metal use and minimize waste. We rigorously test our cutting equipment to ensure unprecedented levels of control, resulting in sustained product quality and precision. We build quality into the process through standardized work procedures, which outline specific dimensional and hardness verifications. Our highly trained operators complete the procedures ensuring a quality product every time.

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fabricating to design

Our ability to manufacture metal extends well beyond the cutting process. We can expertly bend and form complex parts to a multitude of angles and degrees using onsite hydraulic press brakes before finalizing the parts with machining and welding applications.

For customers who require it all, Interfuse Manufacturing is a one-stop source to meet all of your fabricating, welding, and machining needs.

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