Industries Served

Interfuse Manufacturing has the experience and expertise to serve a variety of industries with a diverse product mix:


metal work for construction

Interfuse Manufacturing fabricates, machines, and welds components for some of the world’s industry-leading crane, lifting, and construction equipment manufacturers. This equipment is critical to infrastructure development, structural fabrications, and various other construction projects around the globe. Interfuse Manufacturing is an established, value-added provider of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions, offering collaborative manufacturing planning as an integral part of value stream. When it comes to light, medium, and/or heavy gauge component parts and assemblies, Interfuse Manufacturing offers vast capabilities and resources to satisfy crane and construction requirements.


By manufacturing rail and marine industry equipment components, Interfuse Manufacturing is committed to supporting people and product movement efforts throughout the world. We are proud to support environmentally conscious manufacturing by fabricating, welding, and machining metal components that support fuel-efficient and lower emission standards for locomotives and diesel engines.


metal work for mining equipment

Interfuse Manufacturing has established a niche market for road demolition and mining equipment tooling components. Whether for above ground or underground applications, Interfuse Manufacturing has likely fabricated, welded, or machined a vehicular component or attachment relative to the mine or job site. If a product requires end-to-end fabrication, or simply finish-machining of a forging/casting, Interfuse Manufacturing is equipped to handle the project.


machine carbide-constructed materials

Our sound 40-year history of producing refractory molds, liners, and batch mixing products is the foundation of our company. In fact, we continue to support some of the same customers that purchased their first product from the Smitchko Tool & Die, Inc. parent company in the early 1970s. Our unique ability to machine carbide-constructed materials for prolonged cycling of abrasive materials has proven to be our competitive strength in this market. Interfuse Manufacturing currently has refractory parts in production worldwide with plans to sustain this core component of our business as we grow into new markets and related industries.


Welding for farm equipment

From mobile farm equipment components to stationary feed and biofuel processing components, Interfuse can fabricate, weld, and machine parts to precise specifications. Quality craftsmanship is built into each part exactly as the OEM intended, to ensure part breakage and malfunction in the field can be averted. Through detailed specification analysis, fixture development, and standardized assembly processes, consistent product output differentiates Interfuse Manufacturing from its competitors.


steel manufacturing for defense

Interfuse Manufacturing is committed to supporting U.S. troops around the world with quality manufactured products made from the highest grade materials to achieve ultimate safety. Interfuse Manufacturing proudly manufactures steel and armor plate components for various military-related fighter transport vehicles to withstand heavy combat, direct impact, and adverse conditions. These critical components are fabricated, welded, machined, and heat treated with the intent to save lives. Our ongoing commitment to quality is just one of the reasons our customers continue relying on us for products and services.


Fabrication for energy production

Interfuse Manufacturing anticipates energy, power generation, and drilling will become a concentrated area of organic growth. Due to the local Marcellus Shale boom, this segment offers plenty of potential for more centralized strategic supply expansion opportunities. Interfuse continues to work with established contacts as well as developing business opportunities to integrate larger scale fabrications across this industry into its ever-diversifying core.

Industries Served