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At Interfuse Manufacturing, we attribute our strong 40-year machining history to our focus on quality, process improvement, and customer satisfaction. By steadily building on that solid foundation, we consistently exceed the needs and expectations of our customers and provide reliable, cutting-edge solutions.

Interfuse Manufacturing is a premier cutting, fabricating, and machining company owned and operated by Smitchko Tool & Die, Inc., founded in 1974 by Douglas Smitchko Sr.. Currently operating in two facilities located in Central Pennsylvania, Interfuse continues to expand its capabilities and operations to meet the needs of its growing customer base. Our unique understanding of machining operations combined with the most advanced technologies in welding and fabrication allow us to serve a variety of industries in the nation and around the world regardless of company size, volume, and complexity.

We continue to be a leader in the industry through progressive business management, continuous reinvestment in our employees, equipment, technology, and training, and, most importantly, our commitment to customer satisfaction.

For customers who want it all, Interfuse Manufacturing provides a one-stop source to meet all of your fabricating, welding, and machining needs.


As your partner, we position your business to efficiently supply quality products and services to your end-users. By assisting with product design & development on the front end of the process, Interfuse can determine opportunities and goals for effective product efficiency gains.

As an industry leader, we stay ahead of the curve by continually investing in state-of-the-art fabricating and machining equipment and technology. By enhancing our capabilities and achieving greater efficiencies in our processes, Interfuse passes along product improvements and realized cost savings to each valued customer.

We turn challenges into solutions.

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